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Gathering & Celebrating Away From Home

There’s something special about traveling with a group. Something that fosters new relationships and strengthens existing ones. Whether work retreat or family wedding (strategically meeting or casually hanging out), celebrating milestones and charting new territory together leaves long-lasting impressions on each and every attendee.


So when planning for such gatherings, we know you’re not just planning for yourself. We know that one person’s enjoyment is another person’s agony. We know that dietary differences can be just as varied as personality idiosyncrasies. And we’re up for the challenge.


Sagioia Travel handles group destination management with the same meticulous effort we apply to individual travel experiences. Our team coordinates and manages ground transportation, group meals, local guides, lodging accommodations, excursion arrangements, meeting preparations, wedding plans, and every single detail in between. We take pride in being able to provide guests with opportunities to savor, see, partake, and enjoy every aspect of gathering together away from home.

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