Let’s face it, there are some places you visit for their history… others you visit for their scenery… and some you visit simply for the food.  Places your inner-gourmand anxiously longs to experience.

Whether you fancy indulging in the international culinary scenes of destinations like London, Sydney and New York City, or look to immerse yourself in classes, festivals, tastings or multi-course meals from Bogotá to Bologna — Kyoto to Kansas — Sagioia Travel is here to help you (and your taste buds) enjoy the journey.

We design travel experiences that pair your palette with our curated network of chefs, winemakers, distillery proprietors, farmers, restauranteurs and guides. As unique as each client, itineraries are tailored to meet individual desires, goals and budgets.  


Begin your customized experience today by contacting a Sagioia Travel advisor.


Ready to turn your vacation into a play-cation? One where you have access to the best tee-times… the most captivating snorkeling locations… the best hikes (with the best views)… or the most unique local activities?


The Sagioia Travel team is committed to finding activities that interest you wherever you happen to be going (or locating places to go that happen to have what you’re interested in) with the safety and service standards you’ve come to expect from us.


Whether you prefer skiing or kayaking, dude ranching or fly fishing, let our ‘Road Warriors’ do all of the prep-work for you. Our advisors don’t stop at planning itineraries and making reservations; they also assist with appropriate packing lists, equipment rentals, insurance recommendations and even English-speaking guides if you need them. No detail is too detailed for us.


When you’re truly ready for a relaxing get-away — one without requirements, demands, schedules or intrusions — we’re here to make the planning (and the relaxing) as stress-free as possible.


For some, a relaxing holiday involves taking in sunsets on powdery sand beaches. For others, it’s unplugging from technology and unwinding by a fire in mountain cabins. And still for others, a few days of yoga, detoxing and self-discovery can work wonders for recalibrating internal peace.


No matter your preference, our travel advisors are on stand-by to plan your next get-away with as little effort on your part as possible. You want to be catered to while you’re away? No problem, we can set you up in a fully-staffed private villa. Rather be left alone to recharge your batteries at your own pace? Done, we’ll arrange to have resort staff check on you in scarce intervals. Remote locale? Check. Private Island? Roger. No request is too small… no whim too extravagant.


Contact us today to discuss your desired level of relaxation and let us take it from there.


There comes a day, for most of us, when we’re no longer moved by the umbrellas in our cocktails or the countless resort amenities available at our beck and call. A day when we begin to seek deeper, culture-rich experiences integrated into our travels.


Has your day come?


If you’re drawn to seeing nature at its finest on an African safari, enjoying the breathtaking views of fjords and glaciers up close, living amongst indigenous populations against the backdrop of the outback, or experiencing even the most popular destinations like a local, then we’d say it has. Your day has certainly come. And Sagioia Travel has a team ready to plan, coordinate, and manage a trip that allows you to explore as much or as little of the world as you so desire (without completely abandoning the creature comforts you’re accustomed to).


We work in cities, towns, villages, and hamlets throughout the world. From private islands to historic estates and legendary greens to scenic green spaces, our extensive network of resources and partners allow us to be wherever our clients want to be.


Give us a call at (404) 496-4439 to discuss the wealth of options available.

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